Our Leaders 

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Pastor Joe Starks

Joe trusted Jesus at an early age through the testimony of his family and church. He thanks God for increasing his hope in him year after year. He serves on the church staff by overseeing the preaching ministry and by equipping the church to evangelize the lost and disciple one another. Joe is married to Katie, and they have two children: Ruby, who is with the Lord, and Jack.


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Pastor Brandon Porter

Brandon was blessed by God to be raised in a Christian home and was saved by grace at a young age. He has been a pastor since 1994 and is currently serving as editor at Baptist Press. He and his wife, Monica, have five children.

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Pastor Chris Brice

Chris was saved at a young age through the witness of his family and church. He is employed as a Physical Therapist and enjoys reading and teaching in areas pertaining to biblical theology and the church. His great desire is to see people formed further into the image of Christ. Chris is married to Taylor, and they have two children: Olivia and Avery.